Striking of the Anvil

Mitsumoto Takeo Log 2

12Today I was reminded of what honor truly means. My discussion today with Lord Lethudos has shown me that I have failed in my past by seeking vengeance on Madoka. While his crime need to be punished and I must avenge my family it does not give me the right to turn my back on my clan’s traditions. I must strive to prove their honor even if I am the last, there is no honor in ignoring those in need and seeking only bloodshed. He has given me the opportunity to serve under him as a loyal Samurai, should my father and mother still be alive I think that they would approve of this man. He shows generosity to even those below his station and seeks to better all peoples lives. Something the Shogun of the Colonies has forgotten since his appointment, my father served him as he was duty bound and did so well. He ensured that those he could protect were well protected, but now it is my turn to take up the honorary title of Samurai. I have acquired a horse I have name Isao to remind me that in all things I must show my honor. I have also began my search for materials to craft a new set of armor, bow, and naginata. I would be proud to wear my father’s armor but it is lost to me now and I will instead craft new armor to symbolize this new stage in my life. It shall be green to show prosperity, with accents in bronze to show a strength, and touches of black as a reminder that in all things we must strive to show honor.



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